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2017 HIHI Thank YOU!


HIHI DONATIONS NEEDED - The 2018/2019 HIHI Season is here and they are in need of hand towels, twin sheets, blankets, and pillowcases and would be most grateful for any of these donations - NEW OR GENTLY USED.  They will be ordering new items, as well, but as the season progresses, linen seems to disappear.  Please know that all donations will be put into the Family Service League “pool of supplies” that will be used as needed throughout the HIHI community. If you have anything that can help, please drop them off to the Church Office or contact Meredith.  Thanks!


                      The sign-up sheets are now available on the table in the hallway for volunteers for our Huntington Interfaith Homeless Initiative. For more information please see Meredith Fichtel.


Next date for help is March 16th and 17th.





In July of 2005, Lawrence Downes of The New York Times wrote an article entitled, “A Hidden Camp, an Open Shame,” about the homeless men living in the woods near the Huntington train station. The previous fall, 2004, in response to that situation, a partnership was formed between the non-profit Family Service League and the local faith community to find alternative shelter for this group of homeless men during the winter months. Now ten years later, Huntington’s “hidden” homeless can still count on having a warm, safe place to sleep seven nights a week during the coldest months of the year. When the first HIHI respite night starts this year on December 1st , the homeless in our town will have the opportunity to be warm, dry and well-fed every night of the week until the last day of March. ESL training, AA meetings, and health care referrals are available for the 25 to 35 guests who stay nightly at HIHI respite sites. The HIHI program now has its own coordinator/social worker, a paid screener who breathalyzes each potential guest and screens them each night before they are permitted to board the van for transport to the church respite site, and a paid security guard who stays with the volunteer chaperones all night. For four months, hundreds of volunteers from more than 30 Huntington area houses of worship, Christians and Jews, young and old, live out God’s Word, cooking and serving meals, setting up bedding, chaperoning, driving vans, cleaning, and doing the laundry so that the homeless in our community won’t have to go hungry or sleep in the cold this winter. These homeless people are mostly Hispanic day-laborers who do in-season lawn maintenance work. They are friendly, immensely appreciative, helpful individuals who came here from Mexico and Central and South America, hoping to be able to find work. Jesus taught that the two greatest commandments were: love God and love your neighbor. The HIHI program gives us an opportunity to show our love for God and neighbor by putting our faith into action. Each one of us, despite time limitations, age, experience, or comfort level, can show kindness and generosity to some of the most vulnerable among us. Please take a minute to fill out the form below and offer your services, with other CUMCers, joining our team of volunteers. The HIHI weekends for which we are responsible this year are: 3/16-17, and 3/30-31. Please fill out and tear-off this form and place it in the Offering Plate or give it to Meredith Fichtel. ( Thank You and God Bless!)  Sign-up board is up in the hallway! 

Please fill out and tear-off this form and place it in the Offering Plate or give it to Meredith Fichtel .  Thank You and God Bless!  Sign-up board is now up in the hallway!




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