Centerport United Methodist Church

Hi Friends!!!

June is upon us and so is Summer!!! We've had an active year in youth group and have been able to meet most of the year. Yayyy!!!

Our year is coming to a close, but not without the end of the year pool party!!! Stay tuned for a date and time. All current, future, and alumni youth will be welcome!!

I want to take this month's newsletter and thank all of you that have been on this journey with me. It has been my honor and privilege to lead the youth and you all have made it awesome. Thank you to Colleen Ruffini for talking me into co-leading this great group. She showed me the ropes and has been supportive and encouraging ever since. Thank you to Ted Brummel for co-leading the youth group with me. Ted's support and creative ideas have
brought many fun experiences throughout these past years. I am so thankful for having a great partner who loved the youth and was truly interested in their lives. Thank you to Pastor Roy for always participating and bringing the energy and spiritual aspect to our youth discussions.

Finally, thank you to the parents and countless volunteers who've covered, chaperoned and supported all of us! I am so grateful!

We've made many memories at our campfires, escape rooms, missions, dinners. and creative ways we've reached out to the community! I hope to see you all continue having fun, forming your faith and serving others!!!

I can't wait to see you all at future U.M. ARMY camps and catch up!!!!

Peace and blessings,

Gina Grubbs


Over more than six decades we’ve learned that the best way to fight hunger is to give families the tools they need to put food on their own tables year round. Our goal for children and families is food security. That means they can be confident about where their next meal is coming from — and that they get enough nutritious food to live an active, healthy life. Specifically, this means that the funds you donate help World Vision:

¨ Teach parents improved farming techniques.

¨ Equip families to grow healthier, more abundant

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Hi Friends!
We hope you all had an adventurous February! Our Souper Bowl of Caring Event,
unfortunately was cancelled due to weather, but our church family had our back. There were
tons of food donations and financial support which is awesome!!! All of the donations will go
to our local food pantry and out to the community. We are truly a family and team here at
Thank you to Pastor Mark and others for coordinating the district youth event: Winter
Wonderland. I am sure a good time was had by all. Stay tuned for more district youth events
in the future. They are planning a youth retreat out at Shelter Island and other events so we
will keep you connected.
We are planning to hold our Annual 30 hour famine this year!!!! The date is still being
determined. Stay tuned for additional events in March leading up to the famine. This is always
a great event and one we look forward to.
below. Don't miss out on this great week-long experience!!!!! Friends are welcome!!! More
information on page 12.