Centerport United Methodist Church

2017 HIHI Thank YOU!


Blessings once again rained from Heaven throughout our 13th season of ministry to the unserved homeless in our Huntington community through the Huntington Interfaith Homeless Initiative (HIHI).  Each night of the week, from December 1 until March 31st, generous, caring volunteers from more than 30 houses of worship, and business, civic and educational organizations raised funds, drove vans, prepared meals, made beds, purchased, transported or organized supplies, served food, cleaned shelter sites, washed laundry, interacted with the guests, and gave up sleep to provide a warm, safe, clean place to sleep, nourishing food, toiletries, clothing, opportunities to shower, and the love of God to those in need.  Nearly 1,900 guests have been served this season, with several more weeks to go, as I write this. What an amazing outpouring of generosity!

                CUMC had responsibility for five Saturday evenings/Sunday mornings this year.  We are indebted to St. Patrick’s RC Church and Our Lady Queen of Martyrs RC Church for providing us with four of our five shelter sites and many wonderful volunteers on three of these weekends.  The following is a list of “our own angels,” many of whom participated on more than one occasion, some during all five weekends!  And some loyal folk have been HIHI volunteers since the program’s beginning.  Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of you!

                Linda Avallone, Ken Bohler, Robert Cassidy, Lisa Coneys, Melanie Danielsen, Nick DeCesare, Veronica Elia, Bill Glock, Gina Grubbs, Pastor Roy Grubbs, Amy Hall, Eric Hall, John Hall, Laurie Hawkins, Robert Hawkins, Nancy Hebel, Linda Heidenfelder, Curt Heidenfelder, Erik Heidenfelder,  Gracie Heil, Tim Houston, Philip Jordan, Kathy Kavanaugh, Paul Kozlowski, Alison LaFroscia, Frank Lehmann, Sharon Lin, Craig Marcott, Joe Mead, Marianne Mead, Matt Mead, Diane Miecnikowski, Morgan Modica, Katlin Modica, Bill Perks, Laura Perks, Colleen Ruffini, Gabrielle Ruffini, John Ruffini, Arlene Slear, Beverly Spear, Craig Spear, Laura Suban and family, Peg Tobin, Ted Walter, Jillian White,  Judy White, Michael White, Grace Zagaja, Sarah Zagaja, Henry Zagaja.

                When you see any of these wonderful people, please be sure to acknowledge their contributions to the HIHI ministry.  If you weren’t able to help with HIHI this year, or didn’t know about the program, there will certainly be opportunities to participate during the next HIHI season.  We hope that you will join us in this wonderful ministry.  Our blessings abound in service to others!

                Meredith Fichtel (CUMC)

and Linda Heidenfelder (Old First Presbyterian Church)