Centerport United Methodist Church

Our Sunday School curriculum focuses on the stories from the Old and New Testaments!

Sunday School Ideas

1.  Listen to Pastor Roy’s children’s message each week  (Children’s message – posted on and  Will also be available on website). SPOILER ALERT - his adorable dog Cali is his co-star. :). 

2.  Putting rainbows in your window - a sign that we are all in this together.  Every time you see a rainbow on a walk, say a prayer for someone in need!

3.  Sending cards to others - 
- Grandparents, aunts, uncles, school friends - anyone!  People love getting cards.  
- Our Church Family - see the directory and pick a member, or 10 to send cards to:) 
- hospitals and nursing homes would prefer cards be emailed instead of mailed to prevent any possible contamination.  Here is an email for Catholic Health Services group of hospitals (St. Catherine’s and St. Charles in our area). I will send more if I get them, if anyone can add please do.  Snap a picture of your card and send it on.  
——St. Catherines and St. Charles -

4.  Starbucks in Stonybrook has offered to accept mailed cards to post in their windows, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals must walk through this area to go to fight to save lives.  Starbucks wants to cover the whole window with cards. 
Starbucks Manager (c/o Lauri Albert)
Stony Brook Hospital Starbucks
101 Nichols Road
Stony Brook NY 11794


We offer Christian Education/Spiritual Formation classes for all young persons during the worship service.  Our classes are each led by a team of dedicated teachers using relevant and interesting curricula.  Our age groupings are as follows:



Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade

3rd, 4th & 5th Grades

6th & 7th Grades

8th Grade - Confirmation

9th - 12th Grades


Each class is taught by a team of teachers.  There are always at least two adults in each classroom. For information or additional questions, please contact our Sunday School Co-Superintendents, Sandy Ciafardini and Paula Sherman.


Mondays at 7 PM on Zoom - email us for an invitation!

Please contact Pastor Roy at pastorroy67@gmail.comor the Church Office at

We are a Safe Sanctuary Church!

What does that mean?  Click on the document below.