Centerport United Methodist Church


The Huntington Interfaith Homeless Initiative Begins its 17th Year

Please contact Meredith Fichtel, HiHi Co-ordinator for Centerport United Methodist Church. Contact the Church Office for Meredith's contact info.


FSL will not have access to refrigeration at the site.  Therefore,  we must ask that all breakfast and lunch bags contain only non-perishable food items.  I know this may be a challenge and not the type of great meals you have all provided in the past, but we have to do the best we can, always keeping in mind our priority this season is to provide a safe & warm bed.  We also request that you do not put food or liquids in glass containers.  Your volunteers are free to make choices for the content of the bags, provided they are non-perishable and items are not in glass containers.  I will try to put a list together of options to share with everyone.   If anyone has great ideas to share, please send to me and I will forward to the group. 

As you know, the breakfast & lunch bags will need to be entirely non-perishable this season.  While peanut butter sandwiches may be a “go to”, there are other options we can suggest.  Even though the men will not have access to microwaves, we know that they are grateful for canned products.  Here are just a few suggestions for your consideration. 
Pop top cans:
            tuna or chicken or other meats available
            beef stew
            Canned fruit or applesauce
marinated bean salad with rice
chick pea salad with quinoa
fresh fruit – bananas, apples, oranges
hard cheese like cheddar & swiss might be able to stay without refrigeration for several hours – please check with the brand’s customer service before supplying.  Varying opinions. Costco sells individually wrapped portions.
Dried fruit & nuts
Granola or cereal bars
Peanut butter
Jerky and other dried meats
Shelf stable-individual serving size:
            Juice boxes
We hope to receive gift cards in $5.00 denominations to local merchants to supplement our efforts.  Our efforts continue to seek out viable dinner options and we will keep you advised.
As you know, there is a vast number of food sources in the Town of Huntington.  I will put together a resource list for the men and have it available in English & Spanish.
If you have other suggestions, please send ��
Suzanne Dvorak, Program Coordinator
Family Service League, Inc.
Home Share Program & HIHI (Huntington Interfaith Homeless Initiative)
Olsten Family Center
790 Park Avenue
Huntington, New York  11743
Direct Dial: 631-650-1461
Fax: 631-427-9149
Your email address:







The Family Service League has sent out a plea to all HIHI (Huntington Interfaith Homeless Initiative) participating congregations for twin bed sheets (either fitted or flat) and pillowcases.  They can be used, but must be clean.  The sheets can be left in a plastic bag at the top of the north stairs (stairs near kitchen) to the attic, or dropped off at the Family Service League on Park Avenue.  Thank you so much!