Centerport United Methodist Church



We have choirs for all ages! 



Rehearsals are Mondays from 4:30 PM - 5 PM , and 5-5:45 PM, led by Laurie Hawkins.  Children have a fun time learning scripture, bible stories, and music skills through singing together.  Children participate in worship roughly two times a month.  Rehearsals will begin Monday, September 18.  Please see Laurie Hawkins about joining these choirs.


The Chancel Choir is our adult choir, led by Joe Ferrante, and they lead us in music every Sunday.  The choir offers the introit and choral response to begin and end our worship services as well as an offertory anthem and leading hymns.  This dedicated group rehearses on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm.  

All are welcome to join!

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith is our worship band.  They participate in our worship services a couple of times per month.  This is a wonderfully talented group providing anthems and music leadership for more contemporary hymns.  Members of the group are: Phillip Jordan (guitar, vocals), Christine Jordan (vocals), Ron DiCesare (percussion), Dan Holmes (bass) and Tom Murphy (saxophone). 

    Choir Chimes next rehearsal is Sunday, January 20, at 11:30 AM. (We’ll be meeting every other Sunday)    If you’d like to join or find out what it’s all about, speak with our music director Joe Ferrante. Come check us out! 
No obligation, no experience necessary!!  




    I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to everyone at the Centerport UMC and tell you how much I’m looking forward to starting my position as your music director in a couple weeks. In the past month I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Pastor Roy, the members of the SPRC and a few other people who make the church go, and I can already tell what an amazing experience I’m in for.


I’m very excited to meet the choir, and to get involved in other ways in the church’s music program, and the church in general. I also can’t wait to have you all meet my family. My wife Megan, and our children Thomas, Madeline, and Max (ages “five, two, and zero” as Pastor Roy likes to say… for those more into specifics, Max will be three months old by the time you meet him) will be there for most of the services with me, and I know that they will enjoy themselves.


So I will so you all soon, and thanks so much to Pastor Roy and the members of the SPRC for this opportunity!


                                                                                                                                                            Joe Ferrante



    CUMC’s Chancel Choir has a long tradition of providing inspiring music for Sunday worship. Our Music Ministry invites all ages to experience the rich contribution that music can make to your spiritual journey and the life of our church by participating in one of our groups. 




If you are one of many who appreciate the music program here at CUMC, we highly encourage you to consider joining the Friends of Music with a tax deductible contribution for this season, of which all the proceeds will benefit the Friends of Music. 

All gifts are much appreciated.  Donation forms can be found outside the choir room.