Centerport United Methodist Church


Baked Goods - Please, everyone bake at least two items - pies are best sellers. (Please deliver either Friday, 11/20 or early Saturday morning  11/21)




Card Tables - NEEDED IN DINING ROOM FOR LUNCH   - Please bring them on Thursday evening, Nov. 20 - We just need to borrow them!


Gourmet Food - Frozen dinners & soups, fancy oils, gift jars. (Please deliver early Saturday morning 11/21)


Toys:  In good saleable condition - no broken or missing pieces. (Please deliver Thursday Evening 11/19 or Friday Morning 11/20)


White Elephant - Clean, saleable condition.  (Please deliver between Sunday, 11/16 and Thursday, 11/20)


    As you are enjoying our abundance of the fall harvest please remember the Gourmet Food Booth:

· Soups – all types should be frozen or if fresh made the day before or day of.

· Dips – should be able to last until Thanksgiving.

· Dinners – frozen with see-through tops, chicken pies, Turkey, Italian go over very well.

· Jams & Jellies welcome

       We will be making quiches on Thursday, November 17 starting at 9:00 a.m.

       We will not be distributing containers this year

            Please remove any items in the freezer by Sunday, November 13 as anything left in the freezer will be disposed of that day.

Santaport Fair 
November 17, 2018


           Please ask for gift certificate donations from any of your favorite places - restaurants, gift shops, Home Depot, coffee shops, ANYTHING/ANYWHERE - and when you have them you can get them to either of the Avallones - 631-262-0396 or drop them off at the church office. 
You can pick up a "donation thank you letter" on the mantle outside the church office that you can give to establishments for their generosity.  


Fall is here. It's the perfect time to clean out that the clutter in your attic, garage and basement. Why? You can bring most of that stuff to Men's World at our Santaport Fair. If it's got a plug, takes batteries, emits sounds or light, is a tool of any kind, we'll take it. We take sports equipment, small appliances, computers, TVs, printers, blenders, light fixtures, etc. If you're not sure if we'll take it, bring it; we'll take it.

Get it to Men's World the evening of November 15th (Thursday) or anytime on November 16th (Friday) - Ladies are welcome !


           All jewelry; new, old, men’s, women’s, children’s, broken or perfect - ALL ACCEPTED,  including boxes for displays.  Donations may be dropped off in the church office as soon as possible.  Questions?  Contact Ann Palazzolo


White Elephant Items

you know what these are!

Set-up help on November 11th after service

Set-up help on November 15th

Silent Auction Treasures – please see Gina Grubbs for information!


Pies for the Baked Goods and Lunchroom

Clean up help after the Fair

ABOLUTELY NO ITEMS MAY BE LEFT in the Hallways BEFORE the Evening of NOVEMBER 15th.

On the day of the Fair, please leave the front circle and the upper parking lot available for our handicapped customers. Please park off-site. You may drop items off, but you must then move your car. We appreciate your help with this!

Please bring your items to CUMC the week before the Fair, but if you cannot hold onto them until then, please take all Men's World, White Elephant and Toy donations directly up to the attic.


· Stay after Service on Sunday, November 11th to bring down tables and items left in the attic -

· Come on Thursday, November 16th to help set up, which includes everything from moving tables to putting tablecloths on, arranging chairs, bringing items from attic

· We need everyone to bake at least two items (pies are the best sellers) for the baked goods room, work in the Baked Goods room during the fair

· Bake pies for lunchroom desserts

· Work in the dining room during lunch

· Donate jewelry (new, old, men’s, ladies’, children’s, any condition), help clean and price jewelry, work during the fair

· Help in the kitchen during lunch and/or help with food preparations

· Make Gourmet food items to sell - work in this room during the fair

· Donate items for Men’s World.   Work in Men’s World during the fair

· Create items for Nimble Thimble & Decorative Items - work in the room during the fair

· Donate toys in good condition.

· Donate items for White Elephant.  Help to sort and price items the week before the fair.  Work in the room during the fair.

· Relieve people for lunch in the various “rooms”

· Direct cars for parking

· Work in the coat/package check room

· Have a digital camera - Take pictures for posterity. 

· Like to sing? Join the carolers

· Help decorate the hallway

· Like to take pictures of little ones? Work at Santa photos

· Put up flyers

· Donate items for the Silent Auction. 

The best Santa photos in the area!!