Centerport United Methodist Church

The Centerport UMC youth fellowship is for young persons in grades 7 - 12.  We have approximately 35 young people actively involved in the group, which meets most Sunday evenings from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.

Youth Group participating in one of our fabulous 30 Hour Famine programs. Great job!!

Notes from MYF

The Fall Season continues and the MYF is going strong! What a great and scary October we had! Thank you to all who attended our First Annual Haunted Corn Maze and Asylum! It was pretty crazy, but thank God we had our youth to show us the way out!!!


Welcome to our new members who attended in October. We hope you continue to join in, we have a lot of great events planned.

Thank you to Pastor Roy and Pastor Wayne for letting the youth share their message of sharing with the children during the church service. 


November is going to be quite busy!! We will be gearing up for our service projects this next month. We will be holding a plastic water bottle drive and helping with the Community Thanksgiving Dinner. More details to follow. 



Youth group meetings are Sundays 12-2pm in the youth room at church. Snacks/lunch is provided. Friends are welcome!!!!



Gina and Ted


Over more than six decades we’ve learned that the best way to fight hunger is to give families the tools they need to put food on their own tables year round. Our goal for children and families is food security. That means they can be confident about where their next meal is coming from — and that they get enough nutritious food to live an active, healthy life. Specifically, this means that the funds you donate help World Vision:

¨ Teach parents improved farming techniques.

¨ Equip families to grow healthier, more abundant

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